At getgeeked Media, we’re on a mission to help brands build relationships with all the influencers they need on their side today!


Engage All Your Key Audiences at One Event

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Before launching getgeeked, we looked around at all the amazing, disruptive technology being created every day and realized that the only thing not being disrupted were today’s outdated and overpriced tech industry media events. We spoke with dozens of companies and PR firms to understand the many challenges brands are facing today.

Then we set out to create an affordable event where brands could address these challenges. Press coverage is still critical, but to succeed today, brands must engage consumers directly, turn influencers into advocates, and consistently create their own compelling content.

At our events, you’ll  meet face-to-face with all the audiences you need on your side today – press, influencer, and enthusiast. We’ll work with you to make sure you generate buzz that reaches beyond the show floor and content that you can use over and over again.

Now, that’s something to get geeked about!

The influential tech lovers who come to our events aren’t just attendees, they’re getgeeked members. With the launch of our new Techfluence brand, companies can now engage them at key times throughout the year for market research, product reviews, beta-testing programs, and more.

Techfluence is the result of our partnership with Reticle Research, a leading research firm led by Ross Rubin, one of the tech industry’s most respected analysts. Beginning next year, Techfluence will also offer subscription-based syndicated research, allowing brands to track the perceptions and desires of early adopters across emerging technology categories such as wearables, AR / VR, IoT, robotics, AI, and others.

Ultimately, the Techfluence brand will represent the collective influence of the getgeeked community, offering brands a unique opportunity to build relationships and create marketing campaigns that leverage the authentic voices of real consumers.


Get to know the Hearts and Minds of Influential Geeks

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Reach More Tech Lovers with Your Content

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When launches it will be the first technology blog to curate company content for consumers to find and enjoy in one place, reinforcing our mission to bring tech enthusiasts and brands closer together. The Techthusiast YouTube Channel will curate weekly playlists featuring the best videos from today’s top tech brands and hottest startups.

So many tech brands are producing great content, but discovering it is a time-consuming task. For consumers, it meant jumping from site to site to site. if you’re a consumer meant jumping from site to site. solves that problem.

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