getgeeked San Francisco 2016!

On November 1st and 2nd, we returned to the west coast for the 2nd annual getgeeked San Francisco. That’s right – two days… actually nights to be precise. We split the press and geeks into separate nights to improve the experience for everyone. Sponsorships still started below what companies normally pay for one typical, three-hour, press-only event and they still got to create their own custom sponsorships using our Sponsorship Selection Form. Hit up the getgeeked San Francisco page for all the details. 

Big Things to Come

2016 has been a BIG year for getgeeked Media. Our getgeeked events continue to redefine the traditional tech industry “media” event and our single-sponsor events are giving individual companies opportunities to engage geeks when their product launches don’t align with one of our major events. Meanwhile, the getgeeked community continues to grow and we’ve got big plans to give our members more opportunities to test new products, provide feedback to companies, engage with getgeeked sponsors year-round, and win new gear.  Our new blog, Techthusiast.net, is almost ready and we can’t wait to show it off. Geeks who visit Techthusiast.net will find all the best content from the biggest and smallest tech brands all in one place for the first time ever.

If you’re not already a member of the getgeeked community, head over to our Membership Page and sign up today!

Praise for getgeeked Events 

"As a startup trying to create awareness among both press and consumers, we got tremendous value from the exposure and the feedback we received from everyone who attended. "

"Highly recommended to any startups or large corporations alike."

"Combining a true press event with a consumer showcase gave us the opportunity to engage both key groups at one event. "

"We couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. Everything from the quality of press to event flow was top notch."

"We were treated like a top sponsor from the entire getgeeked team and our table was packed from beginning to end."

"We always love being able to showcase our community's amazing selection of 3D printed products, and being able to introduce so many "geeks" to 3D printing for the first time was icing on the cake!"

"Our conference session was a great way to amplify our message that’s not typically provided at these types of events."

"getgeeked's focus on helping us generate social media buzz and create content to share after the event is something you just don't find at other events."

"We’ve done things like Pepcom and CES which are media and industry insider heavy events. This event was different –in a good way. The exposure we’ve received was phenomenal in terms of ROI."

"getgeeked found the balance we were looking for in an event: exposure to key members of the press and a chance to talk to passionate customers who delivered us a nice spike in social media activity."

"We were able to tell our Wifi whole home audio story through many touch points, including an onstage presentation, large exhibit space, contesting, and on-site social media buzz. "

"This is the first event that we've participated in that is strategically designed to help brands connect with multiple audiences at the same time: the media, social influencers and consumers."

"The press attendance was terrific and the response from the consumers was amazing. They were engaged, enthusiastic, and eager to learn about 3D printing."

"getgeeked offered us many ways (contests, social media outreach, etc.) to extend the reach beyond the event itself."

"Our goal to have lead generations was a success and the social media around the event was a great collaboration and asset for being a part of this show."

"The show attracted great press and tech savvy consumers."

"The event's focus on creating opportunities for us to generate content and social media activity really sets it apart from other events."

"getgeeked is a fantastic show for any startup looking to build relationships with the press and generate buzz with influential consumers."

"getgeeked is a great forum for introducing new products to both press and tech savvy consumers."

"We were able demonstrate our product to the right audience, create awareness, and generate a ton of social media activity."

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