At getgeeked Media, we’re on a mission to help brands build relationships with all the influencers they need on their side today!



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Before launching getgeeked, we looked around at all the disruptive technology being created today and realized that the only thing not being disrupted were the outdated, overpriced press-only events where you went to showcase your new products. Press coverage is critical, of course, but to succeed today, brands must also engage influencers and create and share their own compelling content. 

At our events, you’ll meet with the press and the hard-to-reach influential geeks you need on your side on back-to-back nights for the less than the cost of a typical, three-hour press-only event. We’ll promote your participation to the getgeeked community before, during, and after the event and we’ll make sure our attendees generate amazing social content on your behalf. After the event, you’ll receive photos and videos so you can share your getgeeked experience with your followers. And that’s just the beginning!

We’ve reinvented the tech industry media event to help brands meet the difficult PR and marketing challenges they’re facing today!

The influential consumers who attend our events aren’t just attendees, they’re our members. This year, we’re offering companies opportunities to build lasting relationships with this critical community by engaging them throughout the year with product review programs, special offers, contests, and more.

We’re also launching a new research program we call Techfluence. Through a partnership with Reticle Research, Techfluence will offer brands a unique opportunity to get deeper insights into the hearts, minds, and desires of hard-to-reach geeks through both subscription-based syndicated research and proprietary research programs.

getgeeked members are the early adopters who are setting the tech trends for the entire country. The opinions and recommendations they’re sharing are already impacting your bottom line. With our help, you’ll turn them into an army of influential advocates who will become your most effective marketers.



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Techthusiast is the name we’ve given to the unique new blog we’re launching in 2017. It will be the first tech industry blog to collect and curate the best content from brands on one site, reinforcing our mission to bring tech brands and geeks closer together.

Tech brands are producing great content, but until now, finding that content meant jumping from site to site. With the launch of, passionate tech lovers will be able to find great content from their favorite brands all in one place for the first time ever.

To have your blog considered for inclusion, simply send an email to and include a link to your blog.

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