getgeeked Events 2017 New York and San Francisco Exhibitor Selection Form

At getgeeked, we believe you should be able to create an exhibitor package that aligns with your objectives… and budget!

To reserve your spot at one or more of our 2017 events, just fill out the form below and hit submit. That’s it. We’ll send you a contract with all the details of the package you create so there are no mix ups.

One thing to note. If you select multiple events in question 1 and would like to create different packages for each one, you’ll have to either spell that out for us in question 5 or submit separate forms for each event. Otherwise, the exhibit space and marketing package you select in questions 2 and 3 will apply to all the events you select in question 1.

We offer some terrific Exclusive Sponsorships and Special Program Sponsorships too so please check those out. If nothing strikes your fancy, just skip over these questions, but don’t forget to see if you qualify for any discounts in question 8. By the way, our discounts are cumulative!

If math isn’t your favorite subject, we event created a little cheat sheet that shows the pricing for all the different packages you can create.

If you have any questions or just want to discuss all the options, just contact us.

  • Company Information

  • Your exhibit space selection will be applied to all the events you selected in question 1. To select different exhibit space for individual events, let us know in question 5 below or submit a separate form for each event.
  • *All exhibit space selections include a 6’ table, linen, two chairs, electricity, company sign and a Silver Marketing Package.

  • Your selection below will be applied to all the events you selected in question 1. To select different marketing packages for individual events, let us know in question 5 below or submit a separate form for each event.
  • We will contact you to determine which events any selections you make below should apply to.
  • Please select any you are interested in and we will contact you to discuss them.
  • *Exclusive Sponsorships and Special Programs include additional branding and promotion as well as custom elements. Contact us if you would like to discuss one or more of these great opportunities.

  • Don't worry. We'll double check everything and the contract we send will have all the details of your package so we're all on the same page.

getgeeked New York and San Francisco Marketing Packages








Logo Positioning Top + Links  Mid + Links  Low
Enhanced Exhibitor Listing (example) YES YES NO
Logo on official event T-shirt (example) YES NO NO
Program Guide Ad Full Page ½ Page NO
Inclusion in Post Event Buying Guide (example) YES YES NO
getgeeked@Night Live Stream Participation YES YES NO
Social Media Promotional Campaign YES YES YES
Social Media Contest Participation YES YES YES
Shopping Zone Participation (example) 3 Products 2 Products 1 Product
Best of Show Entry YES YES NO
Post Event Content Deliverables YES YES NO
Additional Content Opportunities YES YES NO
Press List Access YES YES YES
Custom Post Event Report (example) YES NO NO
Attendee Survey Report (example) YES YES NO
1x Post Event Attendee Communication YES NO NO
Inclusion in Post-Event Special Offers Email YES YES NO
Techfluence Syndicated Research Discount 50% 25% 10%
Techfluence Custom Research Discount 50% 25% 10%
getgeeked “Single Sponsor” Custom Event Discount 20% 10% NO

Additional Information

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