Attendee Profiles: Press & Members

Unlike, outdated, press-only events, at a getgeeked event you’ll meet with all the audiences you need to succeed today – press, influencer, and enthusiast!


We get it. We know that even as the influence of the geeks continues to grow, securing press coverage is still your top priority. That’s why delivering the best (not just the biggest) press audience is our TOP priority.

It’s also why we produce two exclusive press events at each event – one on the first night and another on the afternoon of the second day before the geeks arrive that night.

Our press attendees represent the leading tech blogs, key lifestyle publications, influential YouTubers and Mommy Bloggers, local TV affiliates, and specialized journalists focused on key categories such as connected cars, AR and VR,  IoT, smart homes, wearables, robotics, drones, fintech, health tech, ed tech and more.

All our exhibitors receive the full press RSVP list with contact info prior to the event. After the event, you’ll receive the final RSVP list again with an added column indicating which ones actually attended. This way, you can see who we’re reaching and who’s attending. You can view our past press lists below minus the contact info.

To increase your chances of getting covered, we offer speaking opportunities, onstage product launches, and private rooms for press briefings.

To make it easier for the press to prepare, our best-in-class exhibitor listings include a link to your PR representative’s email address and a link to an online folder with all your press materials. For a small fee, you can get an Enhanced Exhibitor Listing that includes your company description, photos of your staff, and details on the products you’re showcasing.

Finally, with CNET serving as the “official host” of our consumer showcase at our San Francisco events, you are sure to see them at the event on the second night hanging out in the CNET Lounge or going table-to-table live streaming interviews with exhibitors to their millions of fans on their social media feeds.

But we’re never satisfied either! We’re constantly updating our lists and brainstorming on new ways to get more press to attend. Before founding getgeeked Media, Barry Myers spent five years at Ziff Davis Media working alongside tech media icons like Michael Miller, Jim Louderback, and Lance Ulanoff. After that, he worked with the founder of Engadget, Peter Rojas, and Engadget’s first editor-in-chief, Ryan Block, for four years at When Aol acquired in 2013, he worked closely with the entire Engadget editorial team on the Engadget Live and Engadget Expand events.

Since our launch in 2014, getgeeked has hosted some of the biggest brands in the consumer tech industry. Here are just a few examples.

Creative Labs
Cricket Wireless
Western Digital

To see what they’re saying about our innovative events, check out our Testimonials page.

Examples of Media Outlets in Attendance at getgeeked Events

  • ABC News
  • Android Authority
  • Android Central
  • Aol
  • Associated Press
  • Ars Technica
  • BBC
  • Bloomberg
  • Business Insider
  • BuzzFeed
  • CBS News
  • CNBC
  • CNET
  • CNN
  • Consumer Reports
  • DealerScope
  • Digital Trends
  • Engadget
  • Fashion Digest
  • Fast Company
  • Financial Times
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • FOX News
  • Gizmodo
  • Huffington Post
  • IBT
  • Laptop Magazine
  • Mashable
  • MTV Networks
  • NBC Universal
  • PBS
  • PCMag
  • PCWorld
  • PhoneArena
  • Reuters
  • Tech50+
  • TechCrunch
  • Techlicious
  • The Gaurdian
  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Verge
  • TWiT
  • USA Today
  • Wired
  • ZDNet

Past Press Lists

We’re also very transparent. To see the actual press list from one of our events, just click on the logo for that event below. You’ll be able to see the entire RSVP list broken into sections for the press that actually attended and the ones that RSVP’d but didn’t make it to the event.


Click on the logo above to view the press list.

Click on the logo above to view the press list.

Click on the logo above to view the press list.


Click on the logo above to view the press list.

Click on the logo above to view the press list.

Click on the logo above to view the press list.


getgeeked Member Profile

  • 56% Male / 44% Female
  • 46% Age between 26 – 35
  • 70% Single
  • 79% No Children
  • 46% HH Income over $100K
  • 15% HH Income over $250K

getgeeked members represent the savvy, influential tech enthusiasts that brands need on their side to succeed today. They’re the “go to” person for their friends, families, and social media connections for purchase advice and the reviews and opinions they’re sharing are already impacting your bottom line.

But they’re hard to reach and, if you do get their attention, you’ll have to offer them something of value if you want to keep it. They demand authenticity and dialogue. They don’t just expect you to listen to them, they expect you to act on what they’re telling you. Do it well, however, and they will become your most important advocates – a word-of-mouth marketing force to be reckoned with.

At a getgeeked event, goodwill toward your brand grows the minute they walk in the door because they know how the industry works. If they see your company exhibiting, they know it’s because you felt it was important to connect with them directly. They come to our events full of enthusiasm, ready to learn about your products, eager to offer you their feedback, and looking for a reason to tell others why they should buy your products.

As we’ve been known to say, if you’re not listening as much as your speaking at one of our events, you’re really missing out. This is your chance and you don’t get many.


Key getgeeked Member Stats


Percentage of getgeeked members that read tech blogs “every day” or “often” and are “always” or “usually” the first person in the peer group to own a newly released tech product.


Percentage of getgeeked members that are asked for advice on what tech products to purchase “very often” or “often.”


Percentage of getgeeked members that say they have a better understanding of sponsors’ products and a stronger relationship with their brands after interacting with them at getgeeked.


Percentage of getgeeked members that say they are “significantly” or “somewhat” more likely to purchase the products of getgeeked sponsors after interacting with them at a getgeeked event.

Post-Event Attendee Survey Results

Want to learn more about getgeeked members and benefits of participating in our events? Take a look at the results of our post-event surveys by clicking on one the events below. All our exhibitors receive a copy of the Post-Event Attendee Survey Results after each event.