getgeeked Custom Events & Monthly Meetups

A more intimate opportunity to get to know the geeks… and the press!

getgeeked Custom Events offer brands a chance to engage the press and geeks without sharing the stage with a few dozen other companies. They’re great for new product launches, market research, or just to get dive a little deeper with the geeks and really get them excited about your products and your brand.

Each custom event is designed in close collaboration with the sponsoring company. Operationally, we can handle the whole thing from venue selection to follow ups and everything in between or we can just focus on getting the geeks there and let you handle the details. Either way, we have great relationships you can leverage to save money on execution. We can also deliver the press if you want and we’re happy to work in conjunction with your PR firm too.

Each event is different so our fee varies depending on what you’re asking us to do, but like our flagship events, you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth. Since our launch in the fall of 2014, we’ve done custom events for Lenovo, Acronis, Vinci Headphones, and the C3 (Connected Car) Group.

We’d love to work with you to create an amazing event that boosts your next launch to new heights!

getgeeked Monthly Meetups

Later this year, we’ll be launching a monthly meetup program in New York City. getgeeked Meetups will offer many of the same benefits as one of our custom events, but at a lower cost.

getgeeked Meetups are still a little customizable depending on what you want to accomplish. You can speak, demo products, conduct market research, etc., but the operational template – # of attendees, venue, catering, A/V, swag, etc. – is pre-established so we’ll be able to produce one each month.

The fee to sponsor a getgeeked Monthly Meetup is $7,500 for up to 150 attendees. Only getgeeked Members and press will be able to attend one of our meetups.

Contact us to explore how our Custom Events & Monthly Meetups can help your company reach new heights in 2017.