The 5 Cs of getgeeked Events

Let’s face it. The challenges PR and marketing professionals are facing today are a lot different than they were just 5 or 10 years ago. Press coverage is still critical, but it’s really not enough by itself anymore. At our events, you’ll meet with all the key press you’re accustomed to seeing at tech industry press events plus the hard-to-reach tech influencers whose opinions are already impacting your bottom line on consecutive nights. But that’s just the beginning.

From our innovative Exhibitor Selection Form to our onsite Social Shopping Zone, use of social media, and so much more, we’ve examined every aspect of the event process from sign up to tear down (and beyond) to create an event designed to help you meet ALL the challenges you’re facing today without burning through your marketing budget.

There’s a lot to digest, but the core of what we deliver can be nicely summarized in the 5 Cs of getgeeked.

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We get it. Press coverage is as important as ever. After just five events, our press lists are already comparable to events like Pepcom and they’re getting better every time. We’re constantly looking for new ways to get the press to attend. Later this year, we’re launching the tech industry’s first Geek’s Choice Tech Media Awards to give the top tech press another reason to attend. We’re also developing programs to attract the top mommy bloggers, YouTubers, and other influencer communities. We have our own live stream program, getgeeked@Night, and our two-night format has allowed us to partner with leading tech media properties to reach their fans and followers. At our most recent event, CNET served as the Official Host of the getgeeked SF Consumer Showcase, live streaming interviews with exhibitors from the show floor to their 2 million Facebook fans.


With the increasing importance of user-generated content and the tools at our disposal today, any event without a strategy to make sure you generate social media buzz and compelling content you can share with your followers, just isn’t really relevant today.  We start tweeting and posting about your participation the moment you sign up and continue right through the event by live-sharing the action on the show floor in real time. Our social media contests generate amazing content from attendees on your behalf and, after the event, we repurpose this content in slideshows, collages, and our unique, “powered by geeks” post-event Buying Guides. After the event, all our exhibitors receive photos and videos in a Dropbox folder so they have a story to share with their followers and great content to make it compelling.


The ultimate goal is to help you sell more products, of course. To connect the dots even more, we created a Shopping Zone onsite where attendees can order your products without leaving the show. You just need to get us a product photo, link to a page where attendees can complete the transaction and a discount code that’s active during the event. You may not recoup your costs entirely, but it’s certainly nice to make a few sales without the hassles of bringing inventory to the event. The Shopping Zone is also heavily promoted on social media like our What You Can Buy Pinterest page and through emails to our entire RSVP list.


The geeks who come to our events aren’t just attendees, they’re members of the getgeeked community. We work with our exhibitors to develop engaging ways to follow up with them after the event and turn the valuable interactions you have at our events into the lasting relationships that will allow you to turn them into powerful advocates for your products and your brand. With the launch of our new market research offering, Techfluence, this year, you’ll also be able to tap into these tech enthusiasts for custom market research programs, beta-testing and product review programs, and more. Oh, and once you’re a getgeeked participant, we’ll continue to share your news and content with our community long after the event.


Limited, rigid sponsorship offerings are a thing of the past at getgeeked. With our Exhibitor Selection Form, you have the flexibility to create exhibitor packages that meet your specific objectives… and budget. We don’t charge extra for WiFi access and we encourage you to bring as many company representatives as you want. If the light bulb goes on and you have a fun, unique way you want to present your products at the event, we would love to hear about it and help you make it happen.