getgeeked vs. The Competition

Press + Influencer + Enthusiast
Event Format

Event Format 

Press Engagement  9 Hours over 2 Days 3  Hours
Influencer Engagement
Enthusiast Engagement
Conference Program / Speaking Opportunities
Onstage Product Launches
YouTuber Hosted Live-Stream
Private Briefing Rooms and Off Hour Press Meetings
Influencers Activations
Virtual Shopping Zone
T-Shirt and Goodie Bag Branding
Post-Event Buying Guide
Enhanced Exhibitor Listings
Print and Online Branding
Video & Photo Deliverables
Attendee Survey Presentations
Special Startup Pricing
Money Back Guarantee
Company Representatives Allowed Unlimited  4
WiFi Access Included  Additional Fee

Exhibitor Package Fee



1. getgeeked’s $3,950 entry-level package includes participation on both days of the event, allowing companies to showcase their products to all audience communities that attend. Each 6′ table package includes linen, two chairs, electricity, WiFi access, and company signage. All exhibitors also receive branding on the getgeeked website and in the Program Guide as well as participation in the Shopping Zone and social media activations are included at no extra cost. Some items listed above may require purchase of a more expensive exhibitor package or could be available a la carte.

2. Pepcom’s $8,500 “Standard Exhibitor” package for their fall Holiday Spectacular event in New York City includes a 6′ table with linen, electricity, and signage. Companies are limited to four representatives or can pay an additional fee to bring more. There is also an additional fee for WiFi access. See for details.