getgeeked Events vs. The Competition

At getgeeked, we believe events should do more to help you meet the challenges you’re facing then just invite the press to come have a drink! Press coverage is critical, of course. That’s why our events feature two press events – one at night and one in the afternoon. But with the tools available today, events should help you generate content so you have a great story to tell afterward, ensure attendees are sharing photos and videos of their interactions with you, and offer exhibitors opportunities to follow up and keep the conversation going long after the event is over. We created the chart below to show you how we help our exhibitors accomplish these important objectives and why our events offer so much more bang for your buck that typical press-only industry events.


getgeeked Two-Day
Press + Enthusiast
Event Format

Typical Three -Hour
Press-Only Event

Press Showcases   3 Hour Evening Event

2 Hour Luncheon

3  Hour Evening Event
Influencer Engagement 3 Hour Evening Event  None
Speaking Opportunities
Onstage Product Launches
Off Hour Press Meeting Options
Live-Streamed Programming
Shopping Zone Onsite (example)
Video & Photo Deliverables
Print and Online Branding (examples)
Social Media Promotion (Pre & Post Event)
Enhanced Exhibitor Listings (example)
Post-Event Buying Guide (example)
Post-Event Attendee Communications
Attendee Survey Reports (example)
Multiple Event Discounts
Special Startup Pricing
Money Back Guarantee
Staff Up to 8  up to 4
Internet Access Included  Extra Charge

Basic Exhibitor Package Fee



1. getgeeked’s $3,950 entry-level package includes participation at the evening and afternoon press showcases and the consumer showcase. Click here to view the event format. Each 6′ table includes black linen, two chairs, electricity, WiFi access, table signage and up to eight company representatives. Branding on the getgeeked website and in the Program Guide, participation in the Shopping Zone and social media activations are included at no extra cost. Some elements listed above may require additional fees; however, even our “Featured Exhibitor Package” with everything above included costs less than Pepcom’s Standard Package.

2. Pepcom’s $8,500 entry-level “Standard Exhibitor” package includes a 6′ table with linen, electricity, and signage. Companies are limited to four representatives or can pay an additional fee to bring more. There is also an additional fee for WiFi access. See for details.