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Since our launch in fall of 2014, we’ve hosted some of the world’s biggest brands and hottest startups. We’ve partnered with leading tech industry media properties and had amazing products launched and terrific speakers on the getgeeked stage. Man, we’re having fun!

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Past Speakers

IconQ - Jay Webber

Jay Webber
Director of Strategy and E-Commerce, Icon Q

Digital Trends - Les Shu

Les Shu
Editor, Digital Trends

DTS Phorus - Sharon Graves

Sharon Graves
Vice President of Phorus, a subsidiary of DTS

OpenFolio - Hart Lambur

Hart Lambur
Co-Founder, OpenFolio

OpenFolio - Yinon Ravid

Yinon Ravid
Co-Founder, OpenFolio

Ninja Blocks - Daniel Friedman

Daniel Friedman
President & CEO, Ninja Blocks

Karma - Steven van Wel

Steven van Wel
Co-Founder & CEO, Karma Mobility

CNBC - Natali Morris

Natali Morris
Contributor, CNBC

Reticle Research - Ross Rubin

Ross Rubin
Principal Analyst, Reticle Research

TiVo - Jonathan Steuer

Jonathan Steuer
Chief Research Officer, Tivo

Digital Trends - Jeremy Kaplan

Jeremy Kaplan
Editor in Chief, Digital Trends

Lenovo - Ashley Rodrigue

Ashley Rodrigue
Lenovo Ambassador

Sling - Brian Jaquet

Brian Jaquet
Marketing Director, Sling Media

Freelance - Brian Heater

Brian Heater
Freelance Tech Journalist

Pelican - Chris Pickett

Chris Pickett
CEO, Pelican Imaging

iMakr - Sylvain Preumont

 Sylvain Preumont
Founder & Director, iMakr

Shapeways - Natalia Krasnodebska

Natalia Krasnodebska
Community Manager, Shapeways

NYCEDC - Matt Weinberg

Matt Weinberg
Senior Project Manager, NYCEDC

HP - Eric Monsef

Eric Monsef
Vice President and General Manager, Highly Immersive Systems, HP

Fast Co. - Harry McCracken

Harry McCracken
Technology Editor, Fast Company

Magisto - Reid Genauer

Reid Genauer
Chief Marketing Officer, Magisto

Sling - Mark Vena

Mark Vena
Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Sling Media

Plex - Scott Hancock

Scott Hancock
Chief Marketing Officer, Plex

TechMamas - Beth Blecherman

Beth Blecherman
Founder and Editor,

MakerBloks - Francois Poirier

Francois Poirier
CEO, MakerBloks

Dash - Nick Kohut

Nick Kohut
CEO, Dash Robotics

Moov - Meng Li

Meng Li
Co-founder & CEO, Moov

HearNotes - Patrick Donohue

Patrick Donohue
CEO, HearNotes

Piper - Jason Domangue

Jason Domangue
Vice President of Marketing, Piper

SFNewTech - Myles Weissleder

Myles Weissleder
Founder & CEO,
SF New Tech

Blanc-Eddy Zhong

Eddy Zhong
Founder & CEO,
Blanc Watches

Martian - Eric Bozza

Eric Bozza
Vice President of Sales, Martian Watches

Gogo - Brian Jaehn

Brian Jaehn
Vice President of Product, Gogo

NimbleTV - Anand Subramanian

Anand Subramanian
Founder & CEO, NimbleTV

TechnologyTell - Joe Paone

Joe Paone
Editor-in-Chief, Technology Tell Network

Alex Collmer Founder and CEO, VidMob

Alex Collmer Founder and CEO, VidMob

Alexei Erchak CEO at BeON Home

Alexei Erchak CEO,
BeON Home

Daniella Gammon Head of Support _ Product Operations at Leeo

Daniella Gammon
Head of Support & Product Operations,

Firdaus Bhathena Founder and CEO at Lineage Labs

Firdaus Bhathena
Founder and CEO,
Lineage Labs

Andy Saldaña Director of Operations at NY Tech Meetup

Andy Saldana
Director of Operations,
NY Tech Meetup

Todd Weaver Founder Pursim

Todd Weaver
Founder, Pursim

Shai Goitein CEO and owner at PowerUp® Toys

Shai Goiter
CEO and Owner,
PowerUp® Toys

Séverin MARCOMBES CEO at Lima

Séverin Marcombe
CEO, Lima

Sean Kappor Vice President, Global Marketing Harman International

Sean Kappor
Vice President,
Global Marketing Harman International

Rob Lewis Electric Jukebox

Rob Lewis
CEO, Electric Jukebox

Caroline Tien-Spaulding

Caroline Tien-Spaulding
Sr. Director of Product Management and Marketing,