Event Photo Galleries

Reach Beyond the Show Floor with Great Photos!

Making sure our exhibitors have great content they can use to share their getgeeked experience is a top priority. That’s why all getgeeked exhibitors, regardless of level, receive a collection of photos after each event.

We instruct our photographers to capture specific photos of our sponsors interacting with attendees, handing out prizes, and being interviewed as well as general photos of happy attendees, crowd shots, and check-in. We also collect the photos from attendee’s social media posts. After the event, we deliver these photos to you via Dropbox so you have a ready-made gallery to share on your blog and social media channels.

Below are the official galleries from our past events. To view more photos, visit us on Flickr.

getgeeked New York 2016 Photo Gallery

getgeeked San Francisco 2016 Photo Gallery

getgeeked New York 2015 Photo Gallery

getgeeked San Francisco 2015 Photo Gallery

getgeeked New York 2014 Photo Gallery

To see more photos photos from getgeeked events, visit the getgeeked Flickr page.