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Leverage the “Techfluence” of getgeeked members to create better products!

The passionate geeks that want to meet with you at our events aren’t just attendees, they’re members. With the launch of Techfluence, a unique new research initiative, we’re able to offer brands deeper insights into the hearts, minds, and desires of this critical community of influencers.

Techfluence, which is the result of our partnership with Reticle Research, will offer companies a unique mix of syndicated and custom research programs.

Quarterly syndicated research reports will explore tech enthusiasts attitudes toward to emerging categories like VR, wearables, smart home, connected car, robotics and more.

We’ll also have the capabilities to work with individual companies to create a variety of proprietary research initiatives, including:

  • Proprietary custom surveys that explore topics of particular vendor interest for internal use.
  • Follow-up interviews and remote focus groups with members of the Techfluence community.
  • Hands-on testing and feedback of upcoming and prototype products by getgeeked members.
  • Commissioned research studies developed in collaboration for external distribution under the Techfluence Advance program.  

“For decades, successful technology companies have understood the critical task of gaining influence among early adopters and moving beyond that core customer base. Techfluence is a perfectly timed product to help technology vendors take advantage of social product development,” said Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research.

Techfluence is an exciting next step for getgeeked Media. Our members are eager to share their opinions and help you build better products. Contact us today to learn more about our syndicated research calendar for 2017 or to schedule a consultation with Reticle Research Founder, Ross Rubin, to discuss our custom research capabilities.

getgeeked Member Profile:

  • 65% – Male
  • 67% – Age between 18 – 35
  • 92% – Read technology blogs often or every day
  • 91% – Always or often the first person in their peer group to own new technology
  • 73% – Asked for purchase advice by friend and family very often or often
  • 53% – Rely on friends and consumer reviews as their main source of product research
  • 62% – Share opinions about technology products and brands on social media often or very often


getgeeked Media Founder Barry Myers announces the launch of getgeeked Research at CE Week 2015.