Techfluence & Techthusiast

At getgeeked Media, our mission is to bring tech enthusiasts and tech brands closer together and give companies more insight into the minds of the geeks whose opinions are influencing the success or failure of today’s tech products. Giving companies an opportunity to meet face-to-face with consumers at our events to get feedback, build relationships, and turn these tech enthusiasts into advocates is one way we accomplish this.

With the launch of Techfluence and the coming launch of Techthusiast, we’re going beyond the events to offer brands more ways to interact with this influential community to build meaningful, authentic relationships that last.

Get to Know the Geeks Beyond Our Events!

The passionate geeks who come to our events aren’t just attendees, they’re our members. The interactions brands have with them at our events have tremendous value, but wouldn’t it great if you could follow up with them after the event to continue the conversation, engage them year-round to gather critical feedback, track their preferences over time, and turn them into loyal brand advocates?

With the launch of Techfluence you can, Techfluence is the result of our partnership with Reticle Research, a market research firm that specializes in tracking the shifting landscape of consumer technology adoption. Reticle Research is led by Ross Rubin, one of the tech industry’s most respected analysts.

With Techfluence, brands can create fully customized proprietary research programs to capture the data they need, including:

  • Proprietary custom surveys that explore topics of particular vendor interest for internal use.
  • Follow-up interviews and remote focus groups with members of the Techfluence community.
  • Hands-on testing and feedback of upcoming and prototype products by getgeeked members.
  • Commissioned research studies developed in collaboration for external distribution under the Techfluence Advance program.  

Techfluence’s quarterly syndicated research reports will explore tech enthusiasts attitudes toward to emerging categories like VR, wearables, smart home, connected car, robotics and more.

As the getgeeked community grows, we’ll add a consumer-facing element to Techfluence, giving brands the opportunity to harness the collective voice of thousands of micro-influencers to create influencer marketing campaigns that are more authentic and transparent that what’s available with today’s influencer marketing firms.

Techfluence is a natural and exciting next step for getgeeked Media. Our members are eager to share their opinions and help you build better products. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with getgeeked Media Founder, Barry Myers, and Reticle Research Founder, Ross Rubin, to discuss our custom research capabilities.

More Eyeballs on Your Content

Techthusiast is a unique new editorial initiative unlike anything in the tech media landscape. No, we’re not launching another tech news blog. But we are helping brands get their content in front of more eyeballs.

Tech brands are producing really good content on their blogs, YouTube channels, and social feeds. Our research revealed that more geeks would consume it if finding it wasn’t so time-consuming. When it launches, Techthusiast will be the tech industry’s first blog dedicated to curating branded content and making it available in one place. For the first time, consumers will be able to come to one site to see the latest blog posts and news from all their favorite tech brands.

While the new site will be available to anyone, getgeeked members will receive a weekly newsletter delivered to their email with a recap of the week’s best company blog posts, YouTube videos, and more.

Techthusiast will be launching soon at If you would like to ensure your content is included, send an email to us at and be sure to include links to your blog and social feeds in the email.

getgeeked Member Profile:

  • 65% – Male

  • 67% – Age between 18 – 35

  • 92% – Read technology blogs often or every day

  • 91% – Always or often the first person in their peer group to own new technology

  • 73% – Asked for purchase advice by friend and family very often or often

  • 53% – Rely on friends and consumer reviews as their main source of product research

  • 62% – Share opinions about technology products and brands on social media often or very often

getgeeked Media Founder Barry Myers announces the launch of getgeeked Research at CE Week 2016.