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Wednesday, November 2nd – Press Event (5:00pm – 8:00pm)

Thursday, November 3rd – Enthusiast Event (6:00pm – 9:00pm)

Terra Gallery – 511 Harrison Street / Map



Our first getgeeked San Francisco event last year was a huge success. But are we satisfied? Of course not! We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience and deliver more value to our sponsors.

We were already the only event where you could meet with both the press and passionate geeks, but this fall in San Francisco we’re splitting the event into consecutive nights so our sponsors can communicate more effectively with each of the audiences we deliver. 

On the first night, you’ll see all the key Bay Area press you’d expect to see at a San Francisco tech industry event. On the second night, you’ll have a unique opportunity to engage hundreds of influential, hard-to-reach geeks and turn them into word-of-mouth marketers for your products heading into the holiday shopping season.

Setup is still a breeze and the entire two-night event still costs less than a typical industry “press-only” event.

Press Event – Wednesday, November 2nd (5:00pm – 8:00pm)

We get it. We know that press coverage is still critical to your success. That’s why our top priority is delivering a best-in-class press audience. 

On the first night of getgeeked San Francisco, you’ll see editors, journalists, reporters, and bloggers from top-tier tech blogs, national dailies, influential magazines, lifestyle media, and local TV and radio affiliates. You can to launch new products on the getgeeked stage and conduct private press briefings.

For more information on these opportunities, check out our Exhibitor Selection Form or contact us directly. For more information on the press that attend our events, click here and to see past press lists, click here.

Enthusiast Event – Thursday, November 3rd (6:00pm – 9:00pm)

What has changed, however, is that press coverage, by itself, is no longer enough!

On the second night of getgeeked San Francisco, you’ll meet face-to-face with hundreds of elusive, influential geeks who are sharing opinions and posting reviews that are impacting the purchase decisions of everyone around them. You’ll have a unique opportunity to build relationships, gather  feedback and turn them into your most effective marketers just in time for your big holiday push.

For more information on the geeks who attend getgeeked, click here.

You can be part of getgeeked@Night, the official live stream of getgeeked San Francisco (think Jimmy Kimmel for geeks!), appear in our live share, participate in our social media contests, and even make your products available for attendees to order online in our Social Shopping Zone (past example here). You can also follow up with attendees to get additional feedback, provide special offers, conduct market research and create product review and beta-testing programs.

Your presence at getgeeked San Francisco will be promoted to the entire getgeeked community on our website and social media channels beginning the moment you sign up. Our exhibitor listings are the best in the business!

After the Event

After the event, we’ll share slideshows, videos, and collages of your participation on all our social media channels.  We also produce the only Buying Guides in the industry powered by consumer-generated social media content from the show. You can see an example of the Back-to-School Guide we published after our New York event in June here.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll  provide you with photos and videos too so you can share your getgeeked experience with your followers too. You’ll also receive Post-event Reports and Attendee Surveys designed to help you measure the ROI of the event.

The Event Industry’s Only A La Carte Exhibitor Packages

With exhibitor packages starting at just $3500, the entire two-night event will actually cost you less than a single, three-hour press-only event like Pepcom.

But what you spend is really up to you because we let you create your own exhibitor package using our unique Exhibitor Selection Form.  Just make your selections, hit “Submit” at the bottom of the page and we’ll send you a contract and a link to our online Promotional Form so we can get the info we need to tell everyone how excited we are that you’ll be joining us at getgeeked San Francisco!

Get in Touch

We know. It’s a lot to digest if you’re used to “sign up and show up” press-only events. But we believe that events can do so much more today to help you succeed than just filling a room with members of the press. For too long these events have gone unchanged and unchallenged even as we see massive changes in how consumers decide what products to purchase.

You worked incredibly hard to make your products awesome and disruptive. Shouldn’t the events where you showcase them be too!

To schedule a call with us, just visit us our Calendly page and choose an available time slot. We’d love to hear from and we really love talking about getgeeked! 

Additional Info

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