YouTube Campaigns for Consumer Tech Brands of All Sizes and Budgets.

Companies across the consumer marketing landscape are shifting their marketing dollars to influencer marketing because of its ability to create awareness and drive sales – often for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Savvy companies are also realizing that influencer-generated-content can be repurposed over and over to feed their own content marketing engine and save them even more money.

Tech products are different than other products, however. They’re more complex and, thus, better suited for video. So, while leading influencer marketing firms focus on more image-friendly verticals like fashion, beauty, food, and travel, consumer tech companies are surprisingly underserved. 

Not anymore! 

With the launch of Techfluence, getgeeked Media has developed a comprehensive service that allows tech brands of all sizes and budgets to work with top YouTubers to create influencer marketing campaigns that reach millions of consumers.

Here’s how it works. 

1. Recruiting the “right” influencers.

Not every influencer is right for you, but with a database of over 400 tech-centric YouTube content creators, we’ll help you find the ones that are the best fit for your products, your brand, and your budget based on their KPIs, past content, and overall style and personality.

2. Managing the Process.

If you’ve worked with YouTubers, then you know there are a lot of things that can cause the relationship to go sideways in a hurry. We never commence a campaign until we address all the moving parts with each influencer involved, including usage rights, compensation, affiliate marketing, giveaways, disclosure, and promotion.

3. Promoting the content.

Just sitting back and hoping for views is no way to ensure the success of an influencer campaign. We work with your content creators to make sure they’re effectively promoting their content, run and promote giveaways that drive traffic to their content, and help you plan an effective strategy for resharing and repurposing their content across your social media feeds, blogs, and websites.

4. Tracking the Results.

Of course, what does it matter if you’re not tracking the results effectively. We’ll track all the major publicly-available KPIs, compare it with each content creator’s averages so you can judge the success of your campaign, and collect analytics that only the content creator has access to so you’ll get deep insight into the people who viewed your videos. 


Per Subscriber Pricing and Campaign Fee Caps

Our unique, per-subscriber pricing model and campaign fee caps are designed to allow brands of all sizes and budgets to work with great content creators to create viral content that drives awareness and sales.

For each subscriber reached by the content creators participating in your campaign, there is a fee of $0.01 until one of our two fee caps is met. For campaigns involved five or fewer influencers, fees are capped at $2,500.00 or 250,000 combined subscribers. For campaigns involving between six and ten influencers, the fee cap is $4,500.00 or 450,000 combined subscribers. 

Our fee caps allow our clients to work with today’s top YouTubers without the fees we charge skyrocketing out of control.


Social Media Promotion: For every 100,000 followers reached by social media posts from influencers promoting their content, there is a $50.00 fee.

Additional Influencers: For each content creator after the 10th participating in your campaign, there is a $150 fee. 

Campaign Set Up Fee: There is an initial $500 fee to set up a campaign. This fee includes sending a Campaign Alert on your behalf to the database and presenting the responses for evaluation. If, after reviewing the responses to your Campaign Alert, you decide to move forward with a campaign, this fee is waived.  

Content Creator Compensation: Please note that our fees are separate from any fees you agree to pay to compensate individual content creators. However, because of our ongoing relationship with the content creators we work with, we are often able to negotiate a more favorable rate than a single company can.

Techfluence is NOT a DIY influencer platform. Our relationships with content creators are real and our hands-on management of every element of every campaign gives our clients the best possible chance at success. Start your Techfluence Campaign today by filling out our Campaign Inquiry Form.


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Techfluence Campaign Stats

412 – Number of YouTubers our Campaign Alerts Reach

45.6 – Average Number of Influencers that Respond to our Campaign Alerts

33.2M – Average Number of Combined YouTube Subscribers reached by the Influencers that Respond to our Campaign Alerts

302% – Average Number of Views Techfluence Campaign Videos Receive vs Participants Averages



getgeeked Media has developed a truly comprehensive service that makes it easy for brands to work with influential YouTubers. It’s clear that they have a deep understanding of what it takes to create a successful YouTube campaign.

Sylvain Lambert, Chief Branding Officer & Co-founder, Kwilt


getgeeked Media understands that content creators know what works best with their audience and they strive to give us maximum input and to let us maintain our creative independence. There’s no question that their goal really is to create campaigns that benefit both their clients and the content creators involved. 

Franklin Reid, YouTube Content Creator


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