YouTube and Instagram influencer campaigns for consumer tech brands of all sizes and budgets.

Companies across the consumer marketing landscape are seeing real ROI on their influencer marketing programs. Consequently, more and more marketing dollars are being shifted from traditional and online advertising to influencer marketing.

However, while the major influencer marketing agencies focus on beauty, fashion, food, and travel, consumer technology brands are surprisingly underserved. Not anymore!

With the launch of Techfluence, getgeeked Media can now help tech brands connect with amazing content creators to create influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube and Instagram.

Our influencer database includes almost 300 tech-centric content creators ranging from YouTubers with millions of subscribers and Instagram followers to enthusiastic micro and nano influencers just getting started. Each one has agreed to evaluate opportunities to create content on behalf of the companies we work with.

Unlike many influencer marketing agencies, Techfluence is not a DIY platform for creating influencer marketing campaigns. Our relationships with our influencers are real and our campaigns are hands-on.

How Our Campaigns Work

We have developed a unique process that is easy-to-execute, comprehensive, and measurable. Each Techfluence campaign can be broken into three phases.

  • Recruiting the Right Influencers
  • Managing the Process
  • Measuring the Results

Recruiting the Right Influencers

Every Techfluence campaign begins with our Campaign Inquiry Form where companies tell us about the campaign they want to run, the influencers they’re targeting, and the products involved. The information provided is used to draft a “Campaign Alert” that we send to our community of influencers to see which ones are interested in participating in your campaign. Campaign Alerts can be sent to the entire community or subsets of the community based on a variety of attributes such as influencer level, location, and content platform.

Influencers that respond are evaluated together with our client based on key metrics provided in our database, the influencer’s style, and his or her previously posted content. Of course, you make the ultimate decision on which influencers to include in your campaign. There is NO FEE to send a Campaign Alert and see which influencers are interested in working with you.

Managing the Process

Once you have selected the influencers for your campaign, the next step is to draft a comprehensive Campaign Brief. If you have worked with influencers in the past, then you know there are a surprising number of variables that, if not addressed at the outset, can cause a campaign to go off the rails very quickly.

For every campaign, our influencers fill out a Campaign Submission Form where these variables are addressed. This allows us to create a Campaign Brief that not only covers the technical elements of setting up and using the product but also key issues such as individual influencer compensation, posting timeline, social promotion, search keywords, content rights, affiliate marketing, disclosure, content analytics, and others to make sure your campaign runs smoothly and gets the maximum results. To view our Campaign Application Form template, click here.

The last aspect of Phase Two is to develop a plan for how you will share and promote the content created by your influencers. We will also share the content with our community via our social feeds, allowing you to reach additional consumers with the content created.

Measuring the Results

The last and perhaps more important element of a successful campaign is making sure to measure the results. Campaign KPIs are tracked in real time in a shared spreadsheet that you have access to. YouTube content is tracked every day for the first week and then at the ends of weeks two, three, and four. Instagram content is tracked every day for three days and again at the end of one week.

In addition to publicly available metrics such as likes, dislikes, comments, engagement, etc., we ask our influencers at the outset of each campaign if they agree to provide analytics that only they have access to one week after the content is posted. This gives you access to KPIs that only the influencer can provide including demographic information and key analytics like the average duration of views for YouTube videos.

Promotion on other social platforms aside from Instagram is tracked and included in the spreadsheet as well. To view a sample Campaign Report, click here.


Our unique pricing model and fee cap are designed to allow brands of all sizes and budgets to take advantage of our influencer marketing campaigns. Campaigns are priced on a per-subscriber basis (YouTube) or a per-follower basis (Instagram). The rate is $0.005 per subscriber or follower and our fee is calculated based on the total combined number of subscribers or followers of the influencers participating in your campaign. In other words, our fee is the same whether your campaign involves one YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers or ten YouTubers with 50,000 subscribers each.

For all our campaigns, our fee is capped at $2500 for YouTube (500K subscribers) and Instagram (500K followers). We did this to give all our clients an opportunity to work with the biggest influencers without the fee we charge for managing the campaign becoming prohibitive.

However, our fee is independent of any compensation you may agree to pay individual influencers to participate in your campaign. Managing this element of a campaign is included in our service and, often, we can negotiate a better rate due to our ongoing relationships with our influencers.


To get started, just fill out our
Company Inquiry Form

There’s no charge until you review the influencers that respond to your Campaign Alert and decide whether or not to move forward with your campaign.


getgeeked Media has developed a comprehensive service that makes it easy for brands that don’t have a huge budget for influencer marketing to work with great content creators on YouTube. From recruiting the right YouTubers to managing the relationship to tracking the results, it’s clear that they’ve put a lot of thought into what it takes to create a successful YouTube campaign.

Sylvain Lambert, Chief Branding Officer & Co-founder, Kwilt


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