YouTube and Instagram campaigns for consumer tech brands of all sizes and budgets.

Companies across the consumer marketing landscape are shifting marketing dollars away from print and online advertising to influencer marketing because it works. Influencer-generated-content creates awareness, builds affinity, and drives sales.

Just check out these stats!

But tech products are different than other products and tech influencers are different than other influencers. With the majority of influencer marketing agencies focused on other verticals like beauty, fashion, food, and travel, consumer-facing technology brands have been left surprisingly underserved.

Not anymore! With a community of over 1500 tech influencers, including almost 400 tech YouTubers, the launch of Techfluence allows tech brands of all sizes and budgets to connect with amazing content creators and create effective, affordable influencer marketing campaigns.

Unlike DIY influencer marketing platforms, our relationships with the influencers we work with are real and our campaigns are hands-on.


Each Techfluence campaigns consists of four organizing elements.

  • Recruiting the Influencers
  • Managing the Process
  • Promoting the Content
  • Measuring the Results

Recruiting the Influencers: Each Techfluence campaign begins with our Campaign Inquiry Form where you tell us about the campaign you want to run. What product(s) are involved. What influencers are you targeting? What are your goals and objectives? The information you provide is used to create a “Campaign Alert” that we send to the appropriate group of influencers in our community.

Choosing the “right” influencers for your campaign is critical, of course. We’ll help you evaluate the influencers that respond to your Campaign Alert based on publicly available KPIs that we’re already tracking for each influencer, the size of their following (bigger isn’t always better), their personality, their previously posted content, etc. and then you select the influencers you want to participate in your campaign.

Managing the Process: If you’ve ever worked with influencers, then you know there are a lot of things that can cause a campaign to go sideways quickly. Before commencing any campaign, we address all the details with each influencer to make sure we’re on the same page. The result is a comprehensive Campaign Brief that covers promotional rights, timing, compensation, disclosure, affiliate marketing, contests and giveaways, and more. We continue to communicate with each influencer throughout the process to make sure things run smoothly.

We believe strong relationships with influencers is the key to successful campaigns. We strive to understand their goals, recognize their understanding of what resonates with their audiences, and work collaboratively with them to create campaigns that benefit everyone.

Promoting the Content: A successful promotional strategy begins before the content is even posted with research into the most effective tags, keywords, and hashtags. We have created a library of articles and videos that content creators can access and we conduct our own research for each campaign so we can make suggestions to influencers.

Once published, we work with you to develop effective strategies for repurposing the content and supporting social media posts across your website, blog, and social media feeds. Companies often overlook all the different ways influencer-generated-content can – and should – be repurposed. All the content created for your campaign will also be shared with the getgeeked Media community, adding a layer of distribution not available through other influencer marketing firms.

Measuring the Results: The last, but certainly not least, element of a successful campaign is measuring the results. KPIs are tracked daily for two weeks and again at the end of the third and fourth week in a shared spreadsheet that you have access to. Instagram content is tracked every day for three days and again at the end of one week.

In addition to publicly available metrics, influencers are asked prior to commencing a campaign to provide key analytics that only they have access to one week after their content is posted. This gives you access important demographic information about their viewers and key metrics such as average duration of views and total time watched for YouTube videos.

To view a sample Campaign Report, click here.


Our unique pricing model is designed so brands of all sizes and budgets can work with great content creators to create effective campaigns that drive awareness and conversions.

Per Subscriber Pricing – Our fee is calculated based on the total combined number of subscribers (YouTube) or followers (social media) reached by the content creators participating in your campaign. The rates are as follows:

YouTube: $0.01 per subscriber.
Instagram: $0.005 per follower.
Twitter: $0.0025 per follower.
Facebook: $0.0025 per follower.

As an example, for a content creator with 100,000 YouTube subscribers ($1000), 50,000 Instagram followers ($250), 25,000 Twitter followers ($62.50) and 10,000 Facebook fans ($25) , our fee would be $1337.50.

Of course, only platforms utilized by the content creators to promote the content created for your campaign are included in our fee calculation. Importantly, you are also only charged for a content creator’s audience once regardless of how many videos they produce or how many times they post on social media to promote the content.

Fee Caps – Regardless of what combination gets you there, our fee is capped at $2500 for campaigns with five or fewer content creators and $4500 for campaigns with more than five content creators. These fee caps are designed to allow brands to work with top tech YouTubers and social media influencers and still stay within their budget.

The vast majority of campaigns hit our fee caps, often saving companies several thousand dollars on their campaign.

Additional Fees – If your campaign includes over 10 content creators, there is an additional fee of $100 per content creator beginning with the 11th content creator participating in your campaign. This fee is not included in the fee cap and, therefore, will be applied regardless of the total number of subscribers and/or followers reached by the content creators participating in your campaign.

Campaign Set-Up Fee – There is a $500 fee to initiate a campaign. However, this fee is waived if you decide to move forward with a campaign after evaluating the responses to your Campaign Alert. With 20-30 YouTubers responding to our Campaign Alerts on average, this fee is designed to account for drafting the campaign alert and sending it to our database, tracking the responses, updating metrics for the content creators that respond, presenting the responses to our client, and helping them select the content creators that are the best fit for their product and their brand.

Content Creator Compensation – Please note that our fees are separate from any fees you agree to pay to compensate individual content creators. However, because of our ongoing relationship with the content creators we work with, we are often able to negotiate a more favorable rate than a single company can.


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getgeeked Media has developed a comprehensive service that makes it easy for brands to work with great YouTube content creators. From helping recruit the right YouTubers to managing the relationships and tracking the results, it’s clear that they have a deep understanding of what it takes to create a successful YouTube campaign.

Sylvain Lambert, Chief Branding Officer & Co-founder, Kwilt


We love working with getgeeked Media on their YouTube campaigns. They really understand the mindset of content creators when it comes to maintaining creative independence, working collaboratively to promote our content, and dealing with all moving parts before commencing a campaign. You can tell they’ve done their homework and that their goal is to create campaigns that benefit not just their clients but content creators too. 

Franklin Reid, YouTube Content Creator


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