YouTube Campaigns for Consumer Tech Brands of All Sizes and Budgets.

More and more companies are shifting marketing dollars to influencer marketing because of its ability to create awareness and drive sales – often for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Savvy companies are also realizing that influencer-generated-content can be repurposed over and over to feed their own content-marketing engine and save them even more money.

Tech products are different than other products, however. They’re more complex and, thus, better suited for video. But, while leading influencer marketing firms focus on more image-friendly verticals like fashion, beauty, food, and travel, consumer tech companies are being surprisingly underserved. 

Not anymore! 

With the launch of Techfluence, getgeeked Media now offers a comprehensive service that allows tech brands of all sizes and budgets to work with top YouTubers and create viral video content that can be repurposed across their websites, blogs, and social media channels.


Recruiting the “Right” Influencers: Non more trying to identify the “right” YouTubers in advance. Our Campaign Alerts reach over 400 tech YouTubers. We’ll help you evaluate their responses based on channel metrics, content focus, and YouTuber personality to make sure you select the ones that will be most effective for your products.

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Managing the Relationships: Working with YouTubers can be complicated. We’ll communicate with each YouTuber you select to address all the moving parts that can cause a campaign to go sideways, including usage rights, discolosure, affiliate marketing, compensation, and giveaways. Then, we’ll draft a detailed Campaign Brief for each one to make sure we’re all on the same page before commencing your campaign. The Campaign Brief will also include suggested messaging points, keywords for YouTube’s search engine, and hashtags for social media posts.

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Promoting the Content: The views the YouTubers you select generate are just the beginning. We’ll track social media activity to make it easer for you reshare, share the content with the getgeeked community, and help you create a plan for repurposing clips and images for both paid and organic social media advertising campaigns. If you allow YouTubers to run giveaways, we’ll create a landing page for each one that not only drives traffic to their videos but to your social media pages as well.

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Tracking the Results: Of course, what does it matter if you’re not tracking the results effectively. We’ll track the major publicly-available KPIs in real-time so you can view the progress of your campaign over the first six weeks. We’ll also collect analytics from each YouTuber that only he or she has access to give you a deeper look at the performance of your campaign. Finally, we’ll present you with a report that compares the performance of the videos in your campaign against the averages for each of participating YouTube channels.

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Our per-subscriber pricing and campaign fee caps are designed to make our campaigns available to brands of all sizes and budgets even if one (or more) of today’s top YouTubers wants to participate.

Per Subscriber Fee Model: Our fee is $0.01 for each subscriber to the YouTube channels participating in your campaign until our Fee Caps are triggered. For example, a YouTuber with 50,000 subscribers would result in a $500 fee.

Fee Caps: If your campaign involves five or fewer YouTubers, our campaign fee is capped at $2500 / 250,000 subscribers. If your campaign includes between six and ten YouTubers, our campaign fee is capped at $5000 / 500,000 subscribers. Virtually every campaign we run meets one of our two fee caps.


10+ Influencer Campaigns: For each influencer participating in your campaign beginning with the 11th, there is a fee of $150. 

Campaign Set Up Fee: If you elect not to execute a campaign after evaluating the responses to your Campaign Alert, you will be charged a $500 Campaign Set Up Fee. The fee is meant to cover the work involved in drafting and sending a Campaign Alert out on your behalf, corresponding with content creators that respond, and organizing and presenting their responses for you to evaluate. 

YouTuber Compensation: Our fee is separate from any fees you agree to pay to compensate individual YouTubers. However, because of our ongoing relationships with the many of the YouTubers we work with, we can often negotiate a more favorable rate than a company can on its own.


Due to the duration of the average campaign, companies will be invoiced for 50% of the projected campaign fee once YouTubers have been selected and confirmed. The remaining 50% with any necessary adjustments will be invoiced once all the videos have been published. Payments are due within 15 days of your receipt of the invoice.


Video Editing for Social Media: For an additional fee, we can provide you with a package of short video clips and images from the videos created for your campaign for easy sharing on other social media platforms. Keep in mind, however, that participating YouTubers must agree to allow this at the outset of your campaign.

Paid Social Media Advertising: For an additional fee, we can leverage the video clips and images taken from the videos created for your campaign and create a paid social media advertising campaign that will significantly extend the reach of this content.

*Fees for the above services are priced on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

Our relationships with the YouTubers we work with are real and our management of every element of every campaign we run is hands-on, giving our clients the best possible chance at success.

To get started, just fill out our Campaign Inquiry Form.


Fill out our Campaign Inquiry Form to get your Techfluence Campaign started.

To see the list of YouTubers your Campaign Alert will reach, visit our Content Creator Database.


Campaign Averages

412 – Number of YouTubers reached by our Campaign Alerts

45.6 – Number of Influencers that Respond to our Campaign Alerts

33.2M – Total Number of Subscribers reached by the Influencers that Respond to our Campaign Alerts

302% – Percentage of Views Techfluence Campaign Videos Receive vs Channel Averages


Case Study: Wireless Headset

67 – Number of YouTubers responding to the Campaign Alert.

59.3M – Subscribers Reached by the YouTubers Responding.

17 – Number of YouTubers Selected to Participate.

668,359 – Subscribers Reached by the YouTubers Selected.

25 – Number of Videos Produced.

3:06 – Hours of Video Produced.

138,761 – Total Video Views.

3,465.7 – Total Hours Watched.

415.2% – Number of Views vs. Combined Average Number of Views of Participating Channels.

$5,700 – Techfluence Campaign Fee



getgeeked Media has developed a truly comprehensive service that makes it easy for brands to work with influential YouTubers. It’s clear that they have a deep understanding of what it takes to create a successful YouTube campaign.

Sylvain Lambert, Chief Branding Officer & Co-founder, Kwilt

getgeeked Media understands that content creators know what works best with their audience and they strive to give us maximum input and to let us maintain our creative independence. There’s no question that their goal really is to create campaigns that benefit both their clients and the content creators involved. 

Franklin Reid, YouTube Content Creator


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