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As consumers increasingly look to influencers, experts, and peers for product recommendations and purchase advice, brands are shifting their marketing dollars away from traditional advertising and toward influencer marketing.. However, existing agencies and firms in the influencer marketing space are more focused on verticals like beauty, fashion, and food leaving the consumer tech space surprisingly underserved.

Techfluence changes this. The getgeeked community consists of over 15,000 tech-loving geeks who would love to create content to help promote your products. Within the community, you will find every level of tech influencer from mega to micro to nano, allowing us to create a wide range of influencer marketing programs to meet your objectives.

Techfluence is not a platform. Our relationships are real, our campaigns are hands-on, and our mission is to make influencer marketing accessible to brands of all sizes and budgets. Below is a sample of the influencer marketing programs we offer but we’re also always open to new ideas and approaches too.


When it comes to consumer tech, influencer marketing is all about YouTube. With the launch of Techfluence, getgeeked Media can now help brands engage with influential YouTubers to create video content that drives awareness, builds affinity, and increases sales!

Our YouTube campaigns are simple to execute because we do all the heavy lifting. They’re extremely thorough because we’ve consulted with brands and YouTubers so we can address the agendas and objectives of both groups. Finally,  our r campaigns affordable, flexible, and scalable because we’ve developed a unique, per-subscriber pricing model and instituted a fee cap so brands can work with top YouTubers in our campaigns without breaking the bank.

Our YouTuber Database includes over 280 tech-centric YouTubers with subscriber counts ranging from a few thousand to several million and the list keeps growing. Each YouTuber has agreed to review opportunities we send them on behalf of our clients.

How Our Campaigns Work

  1. To get started, fill out our Company Inquiry Form. We’ll use the information you provide to draft a “Content Alert Opportunity” that we’ll send to the YouTubers to see which ones are interested in participating in your campaign. Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to review the Alert before we send it out. Your campaign will also be featured on the getgeeked website on our Open YouTube Campaigns page so YouTubers can find it even if they miss the Alert.
  1. From the responses, you’ll select the YouTubers for your campaign. We’ll help you evaluate the responses based on 1) the 10 metrics included in the YouTuber Database; 2) the “personality” of the YouTuber; 3) past content on the YouTuber’s channel; 3) the YouTuber’s responses in the YouTuber Application Form they submit; and 4) the type of content to be created (e.g., product review, product integration, video sponsorship, etc.).
  1. Once you select the YouTubers you want to work with and determine the type of content they’ll create, we’ll help you create a detailed Project Brief with information about your product, project timeline, suggested tags, keywords, and hashtags to help your content creators promote their video, and details regarding contests, affiliate marketing links, and social media promotion. If you have agreed to compensate the YouTuber, we will leverage our relationship to negotiate the best possible fee.
  1. Once the videos are posted, we’ll track the results in your Master Campaign Spreadsheet where you can track the video’s performance in real time. We not only track publicly available KPIs but also make sure the YouTuber has agreed to provide demographic and other analytics that only he or she can access.
  1. Finally, we’ll distribute the videos to the getgeeked community, and we’ll help you devise a syndication strategy for sharing the content on your social channels, blog, and company website.

Per-Subscriber Pricing

Our fee is based on the combined number of subscribers reached by the YouTubers participating in your campaign. The rate is $0.005 per subscribers and our fee is capped at $2500 per campaign (500K subscriber campaign) so that your campaign can include top YouTubers without the fee we charge skyrocketing beyond your budget.

To get started on your first campaign, fill out our Company Inquiry Form.

There is NO COMMITMENT until you review the YouTubers that respond to the Content Opportunity Alert and select the ones you want to participate in your campaign!


Instagram Campaigns

Because the influencers with the largest social followings in the consumer tech space are YouTubers, we are able to create Instagram campaigns that reach millions of consumers independent of or in conjunction with YouTube campaigns. You can find information on the social reach of the YouTubers in our community in our YouTuber Database. Just like with our YouTube campaigns, we’ll help you choose the right influencers, manage the process, and track the results.

Nano Influencer Campaigns

Many brands today are looking to work with smaller (“nano”) influencers because they tend to have a more engaged audience, their content is more authentic, their connection to the brands they work with is stronger, and they are more affordable. Because the broader getgeeked community consists primarily of these type of influencers, we are able to create effective nano influencer campaigns across the major social media platforms that are extremely affordable, often requiring nothing more than providing a free product to the influencer.

Market Research

If it’s insight into the hearts and minds of today’s tech enthusiast you’re after, our partnership with Reticle Research allows us to create fully customizable surveys, conduct in-person focus groups, or execute beta-testing programs. The baseline fee for sending a 10 question survey to the 15,000+ geeks in the getgeeked community is just $2500, however, prices can vary from project to project. 

For more information on our market research Instagram campaigns, nano influencer program, or market research capabilities, send an email to barry@techfluence.us or schedule a call with us on our Calendly page.


To get started on your first YouTube Campaign, just fill out our Company Inquiry Form.

More Information

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