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9 Companies Using Live Website Chat in a Creative Way
HubSpot by Molly Wojcik

Live chat technology has been around for a while. And while customers increasingly demand immediate attention, businesses have been relatively slow to adopt a live chat strategy – particularly in the SMB space, where deals are still built on relationships.

Live chat is often solely thought of as a customer support tool and tends to be overlooked from a sales and conversion perspective.  Read More 

Social Media Awareness 2016: What Top Brands are Doing
FireBrandGroup By Paxton Mittleman

When the Future of Social report asked digital marketers to define their top social media goals, results show social media awareness is the goal reigning supreme at 76 percent. But when awareness is hardly feasible nowadays, is it smart to make this a top KPI?

IBM’s Jason Eng stated, “The more each brand focuses on awareness, the more noise we’ll have in social, and it’s already noisy.” It’s hard to create social media awareness of a campaign or brand no one can see (or hear). Read More

8 Tips for Building an Effective User-Generated Content Strategy
Sprinklr By Justin Garrity

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful way to incorporate statements, photos, and video from engaged participants into a campaign. UGC can tell a story from multiple points of view, painting a richer and more authentic picture than traditional marketing techniques.

Not surprisingly, UGC is proven to be incredibly effective. Crowdtap found that consumers trust it 50% more than they trust other media.  Read More

3 Advanced Influencer Marketing Strategies for Noisy Markets
Convince&Convert by Tom Whatley

Some people hate the term “influencer marketing.” Dress it however you like, but building relationships with world-class bloggers, organizational leaders, and public figures works. It allows you to capture a wider audience and build new business opportunities. According to AdWeek, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family over branded advertising or content. Read More

How to Get a Great ROI on Your Influencer Marketing Plan
Entrepreneur by Murray Newlands

To most old school marketers, influencer marketing seems risky and without merit. More than a few have asked me, “Where’s the legitimate ROI?” Without a native knowledge of social media, those who have marketed the same way for years think that influencer marketing is flimsy and ephemeral. Some just don’t know how it works or are unwilling to take a risk. Read More

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