Tech Enthusiast + Influencer = Techfluence

Get feedback, build relationships, and turn today’s tech micro-influencers into your most powerful marketers all year long!

The getgeeked community consists of well over 15,000 passionate, influential, hard-to-reach micro-influencers who love technology and are eager to give you feedback and share their opinions about your products online and offline.

Market Research & Product Review Programs

Through our partnership with Reticle Research, we can create fully-customized market research programs designed to allow you inside the hearts and minds of today’s hyper-influential tech enthusiasts. Our market research capabilities include:

  • Proprietary custom online surveys.
  • In-person and remote focus groups.
  • Hands-on testing, feedback, and product reviews.
  • Commissioned research studies for external distribution.

YouTube Product Review Campaigns

Techfluence is your one-stop shop for creating effective, affordable YouTube content campaigns that reach hundreds of thousands of passionate geeks. Our YouTuber Database includes over 280 passionate tech YouTubers with subscriber bases ranging from a few thousand to several million. For each campaign, you select the YouTubers you want to work with from the ones that respond to one of Campaign Alerts and we take care of the rest. Every campaign is also supported by social media promotion from participating YouTubers. Best of all, our unique, per-subscriber pricing model offers the flexibility and scalability for companies of any size to create a campaign that fits their budget. For more details on how it works, click here.

Brand Ambassador Programs

getgeeked members are today’s alpha-consumers. They post reviews online, share opinions about technology products on social media, and have a tremendous impact on the purchase decisions of the people around them. Engage them authentically and offer them something of value that helps them maintain their influencer status and they will become your most powerful advocates. Techfluence can help you identify and engage the right Brand Ambassadors from the getgeeked community.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Looking to generate some buzz… and pledges for your crowdfunding campaign. We will work with you to create just the right incentives to share with getgeeked members.

Other Marketing Communications

Have another reason for wanting to communicate with our members? Want to alert 7,000 super passionate geeks to your crowdfunding campaign or send them a special offer?  As long it’s authentic and provides value to our members, we’re all ears.

Subscription Research Reports

Beginning in 2019, Techfluence will offer syndicated research reports that explore our members’ evolving attitudes toward emerging technologies such as VR, wearables, smart home, IoT, connected car, robotics and more. Techfluence Research Reports will be released quarterly and will be priced aggressively.

All Techfluence programs are customized to meet our clients specific objectives. Please contact us for pricing.

Contact us today to discuss how Techfluence can help you get feedback, generate buzz, and build lasting relationships with our passionate, tech-savvy members.

“The community we’re building is comprised of passionate geeks who enthusiastically share opinions and recommendations that influence the bottom lines of companies. Techfluence represents an unprecedented opportunity for technology companies to get valuable feedback from these hard-to-reach consumers at all points along the product development cycle.”

Barry Myers, Founder & CEO, getgeeked Media


“For decades, successful technology companies have understood the critical task of gaining influence among early adopters and navigating beyond that core customer base. Techfluence is a perfectly timed product to help innovative vendors take advantage of social product development.”

Ross Rubin, Principal Analyst, Reticle Research

getgeeked Member Profile

  • 56% – Male / 44% Female

  • 46% – Age between 26 – 35

  • 70% – Single

  • 46%  – HH Income over $100K

  • 15% – HH Income over $250K

Percentage of getgeeked members that read tech blogs “every day” or “often” and are “always” or “usually” the first person they know to own the newest tech products.


Percentage of getgeeked members that are asked for advice on what tech products to purchase “very often” or “often.”


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Techfluence Launch Announcement



getgeeked Media Founder, Barry Myers, discusses the upcoming launch of Techfluence at CE Week 2017.