Engage Influential Geeks All Year Long!

Tech Enthusiast + Influencer = Techfluence

With the launch of Techfluence, brands can now engage with getgeeked members all year long. Take a look below to see all the different ways brands can leverage the techfluence of our members to get key feedback, create real buzz, and build the lasting, sustainable relationships that are so critical to success in today’s consumer-driven world.

Market Research

Through our partnership with Reticle Research, we are able to collaborate with brands to create fully-customized market research programs designed to capture the data you’re seeking. Reticle Research specializes in tracking the shifting landscape of consumer preferences and technology adoption. Together, we’re offering companies a unique opportunity to get inside the hearts and minds of today’s hyper-influential tech enthusiasts. Our market research capabilities include:

  • Proprietary custom surveys that explore topics of particular vendor interest for internal use.
  • In-person and remote focus groups with follow-up interviews.
  • Hands-on testing, feedback, and product reviews of current, upcoming, and prototype products.
  • Commissioned research studies developed in collaboration for external distribution under the Techfluence Advance program.

Subscription Research Reports

Beginning in 2018, Techfluence will be producing syndicated research reports that explore tech enthusiasts evolving attitudes toward to emerging categories such as VR, wearables, smart home, IoT, connected car, robotics and more. Techfluence Research Reports will be released quarterly and will be priced extremely aggressively to give companies another incentive to subscribe.

YouTube Product Review Campaigns

As part of the Techfluence brand, we are building a network of YouTube Product Reviewers that brands can tap into without the hassle of reaching out to each individual reviewer. The Techfluence YouTube Reviewers Network consists primarily of small to mid-size channels. We will oversee the entire program from start to finish and make sure you get terrific results.

Our network of reviewers may not have reached the multi-million subscriber level yet, but they are producing terrific and professional product review videos and they are eager to review your product usually without requiring compensation. The combined reach of the Techfluence YouTube Reviewers Network is currently at approximately 1.5  million and we are adding new reviewers all the time. Companies can select the reviewers they want to work with based a variety of criteria to ensure the reviewers’ audience is a match for your products.

Brand Ambassador and Advocacy Marketing Campaigns

getgeeked members are today’s alpha-consumers. They post reviews online, share opinions about technology products on social media, and have a tremendous impact on the purchase decisions of everyone around them. Engage them authentically and offer them something of value that helps them maintain their influencer status and they will become your most powerful advocates. Techfluence can help you create a Brand Ambassador or Advocacy Marketing campaign of almost any size to meet the objectives you provide.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Looking to generate some buzz… and pledges for your crowdfunding campaign. We will work with you to create just the right incentives to share with getgeeked members.

General Engagement

The great thing about Techfluence is that it allows brands to communicate with almost 10,000 super passionate geeks for just about whatever reason you want as long it’s authentic and provides value to our members. So, if you want to share a special offer, make our members aware of a new product, or just say hello, we would love to talk to you about how best to do that.

Contact us today to schedule a call to discuss our custom research capabilities and make sure to sign up for our weekly Techfluence Newsletter to receive the best writing on connecting with today’s empowered consumers in your inbox every week.

getgeeked Member Profile

  • 56% – Male / 44% Female

  • 46% – Age between 26 – 35

  • 70% – Single

  • 46%  – HH Income over $100K

  • 15% – HH Income over $250K

Percentage of getgeeked members that read tech blogs “every day” or “often” and are “always” or “usually” the first person they know to own the newest tech products.


Percentage of getgeeked members that are asked for advice on what tech products to purchase “very often” or “often.”


getgeeked Media Founder Barry Myers announces the launch of Techfluence at CE Week 2016.