Reach More Geeks with Your Content!


Today’s tech companies are working hard to produce engaging, original content for consumers. But it’s cumbersome for consumers to find and enjoy because it all remains tethered to each individual company’s blogs, YouTube channels, and social feeds.

With the launch of our new blog,, we’re aiming to change that. No, we’re not launching another tech news blog. But we are helping brands get their original content in front of more of the people they’re trying to reach. is the tech industry’s first blog dedicated to collecting and curating branded content so consumers can find it all in one place. For the first time, consumers will be able to come to one site to see the latest blog posts, news, and announcements from all their favorite tech brands.

Techthusiast’s social feeds will similarly collect and curate the social content from tech brands and its YouTube channel will feature one new playlist each week showcasing the best company videos of that week. Techthusiast is a unique new editorial initiative unlike anything in the tech media landscape.

Techthusiast will be launching before the holidays. To check if your content is already being included, send an email to us at and be sure to include links to your blog and social feeds in the email. There is no charge to have your content included. Chances are, we’re doing it already!

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