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In a world where everyone is a publisher and the information firehose is never turned off, savvy brands today realize two things: 1) they can no longer rely on the media alone to tell their story and 2) advertising to consumers means providing content that has value. This is why brands are investing in their own content and the results are impressive. Gone is the self-serving advertising, thinly disguised as blog posts and in its place, brands are producing informative, entertaining, and compelling content.

But for consumers, enjoying this content means surfing from site to site or YoutTube channel to YouTube channel. As part of getgeeked Media’s mission to bring geeks and brands closer together, we launched to change this. is the first tech industry blog dedicated to curating and sharing only the best company-created content from the blogs and YouTube channels of consumer tech brands of all sizes.

For the first time, tech enthusiasts can visit one website to see the most recent content from today’s biggest tech brands, hottest startups, and everything in between. We are currently tracking, curating, and sharing over 300 company blogs and over 250 company YouTube channels.

Everything we share is posted to Techthusiast’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, significantly increasing the number of people brands are reaching with their content. For video enthusiasts, the Techthusiast YouTube channel features all the company videos we post (and many more that don’t make it onto the site) broken into weekly playlists.

Please check it out and let us know what you think. If you don’t see your company’s content or are interested in advertising on and related newsletters, send a note to

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Bi-monthly “Click & Win” Special Offers Newsletter – Twice a month we send our members a newsletter featuring special offers on some awesome tech products. There is a small fee to include a product and there may be additional fees based on the overall newsletter open rate and the click rate of your specific link. Each listing includes product photo, logo and 50-word product description. Participating companies are responsible for providing discount codes and links to pages where readers can purchase the product. Companies are also encouraged to provide a product for a giveaway to incentivize readers to click on their link. See below for an example of a product listing. For pricing information and to sign up for an upcoming newsletter, please use this form. Slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis dictated by the time stamp from the submission form.


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