Exhibitor Testimonials

I guess we weren’t the only ones who felt that the tech industry press event needed a makeover. Check out the awesome things past getgeeked exhibitors are saying about our events! You might even find one of your competitors below.

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Jeff Witt, Senior Marketing Manager, Lenovo

Highly recommended! getgeeked hits all the high notes for Lenovo with excellent attendance from the media and the unique opportunity to meet with tech loving consumers. But wait there’s more … our conference session was professionally produced and yet another way to get our story and message across to the attendee’s. We had fun time with this distinctive audience mix and the getgeeked staff was there at every turn to help things go smoothly. Finally on top of the event we had a number of great stories from the press and fantastic social media traffic to show the folks back on the company home front.

Kevin Oswald, Director, Global Marketing and Communications, Boogie Board

getgeeked New York was a terrific event for us. Combining a true press event with a consumer showcase gave us the opportunity to engage both key groups at one event. Both audiences – press and consumer – were better than we expected. And the event’s focus on creating opportunities for us to generate content and social media activity really sets it apart from other events. Barry clearly has an understanding of the key challenges brands are facing today and has designed an event to help us meet them. We’re looking forward to participating in 2015.

Andy Panizza, Sr. Marketing Manager, Sling Media

Tremendous first event. Barry promised us an event that was different and he delivered. Not only did getgeeked attract the key press and the “right” consumers, but their focus on helping us generate social media activity and create content we could share after the event was something you just don’t find at other events. We’re excited to be part of getgeeked going forward.

Anand Subramanian, Founder & CEO, NimbleTV

getgeeked NY was a unique event for NimbleTV, giving us the opportunity to engage with both tech press and passionate consumers. As a startup trying to create awareness among both of these key groups, we got tremendous value from the exposure and the feedback we received from everyone who attended. The getgeeked staff did an incredible job making sure we got the maximum benefit from presenting at the event, beginning with our first contact and lasting well through their post-event follow up, which included a Dropbox folder full of content and key metrics from the event.

Cameron Wilson, President, Bayan Audio

We felt like rock stars at getgeeked. The vibe was fun, high-energy, and overall very positive. Press and consumers alike were excited to be able to see and try new products and meet some of the faces behind them. It was great to be part of such an enthusiastic environment. We were treated like a top sponsor from the entire getgeeked team and our table was packed from beginning to end. getgeeked is a fantastic show for any startup looking to build relationships with the press and generate buzz with influential consumers.

Eddy Zhong, Co-founder & President, Blanc Watches

getgeeked NY proved to be a great opportunity to connect with reporters and customers alike. We always love being able to showcase our community’s amazing selection of 3D printed products, and being able to introduce so many “geeks” to 3D printing for the first time was icing on the cake! Mansee Muzumdar, Public Relations Manager, Shapeways getgeeked New York gave our company a tremendous opportunity to gain publicity, media, and customer relations. The quality of service and support was incredible. Highly recommended to any startups or large corporations alike.

Brad Richter, Chief Design Officer, Luidia

getgeeked was a great event to be actively involved with. We went in not knowing much about the event and with the guidance of Barry’s team, it exceeded our expectations. Barry and his team guided us through the seamless process of being a Silver Sponsor from set up to participating in the sweepstakes and giveaways to participation with the press. The number of press and tech savvy customers that came by our booth was impressive! Our goal to have lead generations was a success and the social media around the event was a great collaboration and asset for being a part of this show.

Ron Gividen, Public Relations and Media Director, Escort Radar

Barry and his team have overwhelmingly succeeded with getgeeked. By combining a real press event with a unique consumer showcase, he’s harmonized the best of both worlds. It’s a unique format that perfectly aligns with the challenges companies are facing today. The post-event folder full of photos and videos allowed us to extend the reach of being at getgeeked far beyond the show and the post-event reports were extremely helpful in measuring the success of the event!


You would never have known that this was the first year of getgeeked. The team was an absolute dream to work with and we couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. Everything from the quality of press to event flow was top notch. Look forward to participating in future events! getgeeked gave us a lot of great exposure to reporters and producers that weren’t familiar with our brand. The fact that AOL, CNN, PBS, TODAY were in attendance, among many others, is a great sign of what’s to come. Very excited to participate in 2015!

Sharon Graves, Vice President, Phorus, a subsidiary of DTS

getgeeked is a great forum for introducing new technologies and products to both press and tech savvy consumers. For Phorus, Barry worked with us to create a custom program that was not only cost-effective, but allowed us to tell our Wi-Fi whole home audio story through many touch points. This included a keynote presentation, large exhibit space, contesting, and on-site social media buzz. The best part, it wasn’t just the press who were getting excited, the fans at the show literally “got geeked” about our whole system.

Jay Weber, Director of Strategy, IconQ

Although Icon Q is a new CE brand, I’ve participated in many technology events. This is the first event that I’ve participated in that is strategically designed to help brands connect with multiple audiences at the same time: the media, social influencers and consumers. Our booth received consistent foot traffic throughout the show and we are still reaping the benefits from the exposure we received from getgeeked as a result of the social media coverage, on-site interviews and post show follow ups. Barry and his team were excellent to work with and very accessible before, during and after the show ensuring that we received the maximum benefit possible from our sponsorship. From an apples to apples comparison, the event was much more cost effective than typical media-only industry events. All in all, I highly recommend participation in getgeeked as it’s the ideal launchpad for new brands just starting out.

Sylvain Preumont, Founder & Director, iMakr

getgeeked New York was a great event for iMakr and My Mini Factory. The format offers a unique and effective opportunity to generate awareness and buzz for with both the press and consumers at one event. The press attendance was terrific and the response from the consumers was amazing. They were engaged, enthusiastic, and eager to learn about 3D printing. We look forward to participating at getgeeked New York again in 2015.

Yasu Yamamoto, Co-founder, Torque

It’s a great cocktail of tech, people, and smiles. We didn’t quite know what to expect. Of course we’ve done things like Pepcom and CES which are media and industry insider heavy events. This event was different –in a good way. The exposure we’ve received was phenomenal in terms of ROI. The format of media only during the first half and consumers right after was smooth as butter. It was probably the most intense 5 hours of non-stop demos we’ve ever done. High energy, educated, tech savvy attendees with hunger for anything to disrupt the industry. Our only complaints: We were so busy, we didn’t get check out the other exhibitors or take a minute break for refreshments… Seriously? If those are the only complaints, it’s pretty awesome.

Susan McLennan, President, Reimagine PR (on behalf of Matter and Form)

getgeeked was a great event for Matter and Form. We were able to introduce our product to lots of media and influential customers at one event. Barry Myers is a joy to work with and found a great many ways (contests, social media outreach, etc.) to extend the reach beyond the event itself. We can’t wait for 2015!

Mansee Muzumdar, Public Relations Manager, Shapeways

getgeeked NY proved to be a great opportunity to connect with reporters and customers alike. We always love being able to showcase our community’s amazing selection of 3D printed products, and being able to introduce so many “geeks” to 3D printing for the first time was icing on the cake!

Johan Abadie, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Innovations

getgeeked found the balance Digital Innovations was looking for in an event: exposure to key members of the press and a chance to talk to passionate customers who delivered us a nice spike in social media activity. Barry and his team set up a well run event their first time out that delivered great ROI.

Michael Karmatz, Owner, Flygrip

getgeeked was a tremendous event for Flygrip. The show attracted great press and tech savy consumers. We were able demonstrate our product to the right audience, create awareness, and generate a ton of social media activity on Twitter and Instagram. It was a great event and well worth it.

Francois Porier, CEO, MakerBloks

MakerBloks had an amazing event! Being able to demo our product to the press and enthusiasts at the same event was incredibly valuable. The response we received was tremendous and the opportunity to participate in the conference was a huge bonus. Kudos to getgeeked for this flawless operation and for making our Twitter feed explode!