July 25, 2017

We took a little risk at our San Francisco event last fall by splitting the event into separate nights for the press and the geeks, but the results were amazing. Each of our audiences loved having their own night, but, more importantly, our exhibitors told us that it really helped them communicate more effectively with each group. As we approach our 2017 San Francisco event, we’re working on ways to deliver even more value to the companies that participate.

1. MORE PRESS – We get it. Press coverage is still our exhibitors’ top priority. We also know that some press prefer to attend events during the work day so the natural next step now that we have a two-night event is to maximize the press attendance by giving them that option. getgeeked SF will be open to the press on the first night as always and then again for a luncheon on the second afternoon, giving exhibitors two opportunities to meet with them. You can see how the schedule breaks down here. We’re also creating dedicated outreach initiatives to identify and invite the area’s most prominent lifestyle bloggers and YouTubers.

2. MORE OPTIONS – We were one of the first (if not the first) events to separate exhibit space from marketing packages to give companies more flexibility to create packages that met their specific objective and budget. Beginning with getgeeked SF, our exhibitor packages are now completely a la carte. Just fill out our Exhibitor Selection Form and tell us what you want. From special events to content to unique branding opportunities, post-event reports and attendee communications, there are a ton of terrific options, but even if you just take space, you’ll still get the basic print and online branding and still be able to participate in getgeeked Shopping Zone and social media contests.

3. MORE SAVINGS – Our events already cost less than a single three-hour press-only event like Pepcom and, of course, we offer a lot more. Now, we’re offering even more ways to save with early bird programs, two tiers of start-up discounts, multiple event discounts, and single-night only discounts. We even give you a discount if you create a custom package valued at over $5,000!

4. MORE SALES – Our attendees have told us they would be more likely to make purchases from the getgeeked Shopping Zone once the show was over so for the first time ever, the getgeeked Shopping Zone will be promoted beyond the event to all our members and will remain open for one week following the event. All getgeeked members will be reminded via email after the event about the great deals exhibitors are offering in the Shopping Zone.

5. MORE GEEKS – Through partnerships with great local tech organizations like Tech in Motion and SF NewTech, we’re doing more to ensure the geeks you meet with on the second night are the right ones.


We’re thrilled to announce that CNET will return this year as The Official Host of the getgeeked SF Enthusiast Showcase on the second night of the event. The CNET Lounge is sure to be jumping again and, as they did last year, CNET will have some of its top correspondents roaming the show floor and live streaming all the action to their 2 million Facebook fans.

There are just five (plus one) of the reasons we think getgeeked SF will be our best event ever, but we’re working on several other exciting ideas and partnerships designed to raise the profile of our events and make sure the impact of exhibiting reaches further and lasts longer. Now that’s something to get geeked about!