getgeeked Member Profile

  • 56% Male / 44% Female

  • 46% between 26 – 34

  • 23% between 36 – 45

  • 70% Single

  • 79% No Children

  • 46% HH Income over $100K

  • 15% HH Income over $250K

getgeeked members represent the passionate, influential tech enthusiasts brands need on their side to succeed today.

They’re the “go-to” person for their friends, families, co-workers, and social media connections when it comes to what tech to buy. The opinions they’re sharing are already impacting your bottom line.

But they’re hard to reach. If you’re lucky enough to get their attention, you’ll have to offer them something of value if you want to keep it. They expect you to listen to them and they expect you to act on what they’re telling you.

Do it right, however, and they will become your most important advocates – a word-of-mouth marketing force to be reckoned with. Our members come to our events eager to learn about your products and looking or a reason to tell others why they should buy them.

Now, with the launch of our newest brand, Techfluence, you can build relationships with our amazing members all year long!


Key getgeeked Member Stats


Percentage of getgeeked members that read tech blogs “every day” or “often” and are “always” or “usually” the first person in the peer group to own a newly released tech product.


Percentage of getgeeked members that are asked for advice on what tech products to purchase “very often” or “often.”


Percentage of getgeeked members that say they have a better understanding of sponsors’ products and a stronger relationship with their brands after interacting with them at getgeeked.


Percentage of getgeeked members that say they are “significantly” or “somewhat” more likely to purchase the products of getgeeked sponsors after interacting with them at a getgeeked event.

Post-Event Attendee Survey Results

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