Techfluence Virtual Media Event Powered by ON24

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 / 1:00 pm Eastern – 5:00 pm Eastern

The only virtual event that recreates the one-to-one interactions with the press that brands rely on
to generate media coverage of their products.

– 40 Company Limit –

With face-to-face events on hold for the foreseeable future,  your company needs a strategy for engaging the press and securing media coverage of your new products heading into the holiday shopping season.

Programming-based virtual conferences and webinars cannot replace the personal interactions you rely on to showcase your products to the press at live events.

We took a different approach. 

Techfluence allows brands to replicate the non-linear, face-to-face meetings with the press they would get at a live event.

It starts with your customizable virtual booth. You can use your booth to show product videos, video chat with attendees, share press materials, group chat, schedule presentations, conduct surveys, collect contact info, and more.

You tell us what functions you want and we configure it for you. Then we’ll schedule some time with you to make sure everything works and you’re ready on the day of the event.

To get to your booth, an attendee simply clicks on your logo on the main page. When they’re done visiting with you, they exit back to the main page and select another exhibitor to visit. This design allows the press to “roam the floor” just like they would at a live event.

After the event, we’ll send you a report detailing the actions attendees took at your booth.

Contrast our approach to the linear, sequential programmatic approach of most virtual events and you can begin to see why Techfluence is generating so much excitement.


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Key Benefits of the Techfluence Platform

Enhanced Engagement: In many ways, the capabilities of our virtual booths will actually allow you to accomplish more than you do when an attendee visits your table at a live media event.

Improved Analytics: No more scanning badges or collecting business cards. Techfluence attendees’ contact info and the actions they take at your booth are captured automatically.

Scheduled Programming: Create programming (launch announcements, panels, webinars, etc.) for your virtual booth and we’ll promote it to attendees in the event’s agenda.

No Geographical Restrictions: A virtual event means no one has to travel to attend. At Techfluence, you’ll meet with press and influencers from across the country and around the world. 

Senior Executive Participation: Techfluence makes it easy for your senior executives to participate without having to travel or spend days away from the office.

Reduced Costs: No travel. No hotels. No shipping. Less staff. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Reduced Hassle: No setup. No teardown. No physical booth and all that goes along with it.

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Alfred Poor, Health Tech Insider (PA)
Avi Greengart, Techsponential (NJ)
Bruce Brown, Digital Trends (NC)
Carol Mangis, (NY)
Chris Graveline, Into to Tomorrow (FL)
Christine Hall, ITPro Today (NC)
Dan Rosenbaum, Center Ring Media (NY)
Daniel Dern, (MA)
Dave Graveline, Into to Tomorrow (FL)
David Needle, TechTarget (CA)
David Strom, Enterprise.nxt (MO)
Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz (NY)
Evan Schuman, Computerworld (NY)
Harry McCracken,  Fast Company (CA)
Helena Stone, GEEKSPIN (NY)
James Gaskin, (TX)
Jeremy Kaplan, Digital Trends (NY)
Joe Osborne, Business Insider (NY)
Josh Kirschner, Techlicious (NY)
Judie Stanford, Gear Diary (TX)
Ken Blakeslee, WebMobility Ventures (UK)
Lance Ulanoff, Lifewire (NY)
Logan Harbaugh, BizTech (CA)
Lynn Greiner, IT World Canada (ONT)
Marc Saltzman, Freelance (TOR)
Mark Vena, Moor Insights & Strategy (CA)
Matt Katz, Digital Trends
Matt Smith, Digital Trends
Michael Miller, Ziff Brothers Investments (NY)
Nick Mokey, Digital Trends (OR)
Rob Pegoraro, Yahoo! Tech (DC)
Robin Raskin, Living in Digital Times (NY)
Ross Rubin, Reticle Research (NY)
Steven J. Vaughn Nichols, CBS/ZDNet (WV)
Stuart Feibusch, Home Media Magazine (NY)
Suzanne Kantra, Techlicious (NY)
Tim Bajarin, Creative Strategies (CA)
Todd Weiss, TechRepublic (PA)
Tom Henderson, ExtremeLabs, Inc. (IN)
Tristan Louis, (NY)

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Exhibitor Package

  • Branded company “tile” on the event’s main page (“show floor”)
  • Customizable Branded Virtual Booth
    • Video Chat
    • Presentation Module (video loop or live video feed)
    • Press Center
    • Group Chat
    • Private Q&A
    • Pre-configured Email
    • Surveys & Polls
    • Staff Bios
    • Links
  • YouTuber Appointment Setting
  • Gamification Elements
  • Post-event Report
  • Access to Registered Media List
  • Placement of Press Materials in the Press Lounge
  • Pre-event Online Listing
  • Pre-event Social Media Promotion

Fee: $2000  (before July 15th) / $2500 (after July 15th)

Keynote Presentation or Press Conference: $6000

Live Stream Interview: $2000

Sponsorship Opportunities


“Presented by” branding on all marketing materials and promotions, including exhibitor booths.

Fee: $15,000


On-air mentions and shout-outs and branding on the event host’s YouTube channel reaching over 1.5M subscribers.

Fee: $20,000


Virtual Press Room: $5,000
Conference Session: $5,000
Virtual Goodie Bags: $5,000
Live Stream Interview: $2,000

How the Platform Works

When an attendee logs in, they enter the show floor shown on the left below. To access your virtual booth shown on the right below, they simply have to click on your logo on the main page. The actions they can take at your booth are determined by you. Every booth includes on-screen instructions for attendees to check-in and initiate a video chat. For other actions,  attendees will be provided their own Virtual Booth Guide explaining the capabilities and available information at each exhibitors’ booth.

The Show Floor

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Your Customizable Virtual Booth

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